Wyndham Rewards

Award Winning Hotel Loyalty Program

Wyndham Hotel Group unified their 16+ brands under their Wyndham Rewards Program, a hotel loyalty program with over 7,700 participating hotels under the Wyndham umbrella. A big loyalty program calls for a big character to represent it, and CY&N by PI&C was up to the task giving birth to the Wyndham Rerwards Wyzard.

Played by Kristofer Hivju, of “Game of Thrones” and “Fate of the Furious”, the Wyzard became the cornerstone of the Wyndham Rewards network. Appearing everywhere from print, to in hotel collateral, as well as web video and broadcast television, The Wyndham Rewards Wyzard has had a magical effect on the hotel rewards industry.

Working at CY&N I did the editing for a number of the Wyzard’s web and Television appearances, as well as some other Wyndham Rewards content.

“Wyzard” – Broadcast

“Holiday Magic” – Web

Castello del Poggio

Hello Sweet Life

To introduce Castello del Poggio’s new line of sweet wines PI&C created the character “Lady Dolce” to embody the Italian principle of spensieratezza  (Carefree Lightheartedness). Lady Dolce would embark on a series of adventures which were filmed for web and later broadcast. I edited and completed the color correction on the 3 stories surrounding her experiences.

Castello del Poggio – “Sketch” & “Portone”


Da Oggi, Così Si Fa

Fazland is an Italian based app which helps users find well rated services in their local area. In order to promote their growing success Giorgio Cellini, an Italian soccer player, was enlisted to represent the core of what Fazland is. Filmed in Italy and edited by myself in New York, this campaign consisted of 2 broadcast spots and web versions.

Locker Room Meltdown – Broadcast 30/Web 40

Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Future

Labor of Love


Living Legacy

Zillow produces myriad videos and other content for their massive web presence.  From DIY videos, to Celebrity homes, to just plain amazing homes they cover it all. Here are two episodes of the series “Living Legacy” I edited for their YouTube channel featuring two very distinct homes with a storied past

Canary Flex

Live Life in the Know

Canary released their new product in their WiFi enabled home security line, the “Canary Flex”. To show the versatility of the new product they wanted something that shows the range of locations it can be used.

Introducing Canary Flex

Single Parent Meet


Single parent meet is an online dating site for people over 50 owned by Match.com. To promote their site they wanted a broadcast edit of a longer piece about a boy trying to get his father out into the dating world.

Single Parent Meet – Broadcast 30

Conrad 1/3/5

Never Just Stay, Stay Inspired

Conrad Hotels and Resorts content series “Conrad 1/3/5” aims to highlight what a guest can do near their hotels if they have only 1, 3 or 5 hours of time to spare. These curated adventures from in-hotel to nearby attractions are the quintessential experiences that reflect a slice of the local culture, art and food.

Filmed in various locations around the world where you find Conrad hotels this web content series highlights attractions in New York, Tokyo, London, The Maldives, and more.

Never Just Stay, Stay Inspired

Conrad 1/3/5 – Maldives Ithaa Restaurant

Conrad 1/3/5 – Meditation

Conrad 1/3/5 – Surfing Into the Unknown

Conrad 1/3/5 – Maldives Fishing

Conrad 1/3/5 – London Sizzle

Waldorf Astoria

Unforgettable Stories

This video was developed to encompass the feeling and ideals that are central to the Waldorf Astoria brand. Highlighting the unforgettable stories you will experience during your travels with the Waldorf Astoria brand.

Cambio Connect

Fashion Week

A pair of videos I edited during fashion week for the web content site Cambio. Featuring Ryan Thicke and Milla Jovovoich as well as some fashion industry celebrities.

Castello del Poggio – “Sketch” & “Portone”

Cambio Connect – Milla Jovovich, Mark Holmes

Cambio Connect – Fashion Night Out, Robin Thicke